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Gas Filter
Gas Filters have a fundamental role in the filtration of inlet air. These are safe to use, when used within the equipment. These have proper filtration techniques and boast of advanced filtration capabilities.
Metal Snap Bend Pleated Bag
Additionally, because of Metal Snap Bend Pleated Bag characteristic, there is less pressure drop, which lowers operating costs. This bag can be replaced without the use of a prying tool, in contrast to other bags of a same nature. Additionally, there are pleated bags with bottom access designs.
PU Moulded Pleated Bag
PU Moulded Plated Bags are made from 100% spun bonded polyester fabrics. These are needed for the dust collection and ensue high level of functionality in different applications. 
Compressor Filter Elements
Compressor Filter Elements are the particulate compressed air filters, suited for the effective as well as absolute removal of dust as well as other particles. These can purify the air as well as other systems. 
Liquid Filter Bag
Liquid Filter Bags are suited for liquid/process filtration and are made from Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene etc. These are used for the separation of solid particles and are provided in different sizes.
Panel filter
Panel filters have a crucial role in extending the durability of several handling units employed in residential as well as commercial buildings, make-up units, hospitals and cleanroom processes.
Filter Paper
Filter papers are suggested for the identification of different substances, preparation of samples and clarification of liquids. These are provided with chemical resistant properties and boast of fast filtration techniques.
3 Lugs Type Filter
3 Lugs Type Filter is produced with PP inner mesh, and the entire cartridge can be recycled without needing to be disassembled. This filter is particularly suited for small filter collectors are our products. This is very effective and safe to handle.
Pleated Bag Equivalent Wan
In baghouse dust collectors, Pleated Bag Equivalent Wan provide a number of advantages over conventional bag filters. This is due to the fact that pleated media has a larger filter surface, an easier airflow route, and fewer big holes for air and dust to pass through.
PP Filter Housing
PP Filter Housing is employed in straightforward, undemanding applications with relatively little flow. Shell, filter elements, end connections, tube sheet or holding rings, and gaskets make up filter housing. This can handle a wide range of fluids with different flow rates.